Games Expo 2012


IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter in collaboration with the IEEE Student Branch of University of Patras is organizing the first Greek Games Expo in the city of Patras.

A series of successful events at the University of Patras, and the expertise combined with the appetite of the members of the Organizing Committee led to our decision to organize an event on a field that we all know from when we were young but we want to know more about, the one of ...Video Games!


Video games have become an entertainment for all ages and genders, with huge appeal to both young people and adults.They are available in every format from digital consoles to mobile phones. Gradually changing the way we communicate, we interact, we learn, we work.It's an industry with great history, but with an even greater future. We Deserve to know gaming better and what better way than to present this field to new students with interest and hunger for learning!

This event will address the public generally, but particularly young people and students interested in the field of Gaming in Greece. Our goal is to bring together in this event a series of speeches by researchers and Greek companies operating in the area of Gaming in Greece as well as informing the public about how they started, what is happening currently in the field of Gaming in Greece, what do they think about the future of video games in Greece, business solutions through this area, information on the stages and processes of a project and finally a video game demo or Demo Videos from video games that have been developed by them. Partial, our goal is to strengthen the presence of Greece in the developing field of videogames.Main concern of the event is to bring young people into more direct contact with the area of Game Development in Greece and to highlighte the interconnection between academics-researchers and production & development of videogames.

Personal contact and dialogue between companies, researchers and young people will emerge interesting proposals and prospects for participants from both sides.To achieve these objectives, each participating company may be presented to the public through a speech, while it can have its own space in the event, which can be formed as it wants in order to be attractive to visitors. Thus, a friendly atmosphere will enable all attendees to learn about the activities of the company, recruiting chances, Gaming Projects dealt with. It will also enable the public to play video games on consoles which would have been placed to live closely the thrill of Gaming.In the end, companies , will be advertised and made known to students and young engineers and will also show their support for voluntary initiatives despite difficult economic times.The event will be held on Friday, March 16th at the Conference and Cultural Centre of the University of Patras.

The presentations will last 20-30 minutes.

Companies wishing to participate in this event are invited to come in contact with the President of the IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter via email: computer@ieee-upatras or by phone at +306979378605.