Computer Society


With nearly 85,000 members, the IEEE Computer Society is the largest organization of professionals in the world of computing. Founded in 1946, is the largest of the 38 IEEE Societies, concerning information technology and to promote the theory and application of computer technology and information.

The IEEE Computer Society Student Chapters offer the opportunity for members of the Computer Society, at the local level to network with colleagues, business development, professional development, and to share experiences through exchange of knowledge.
The IEEE Computer Society has over 375 chapters, both teachers and students.

at the University of Patras was founded on November 5, 2011 the IEEE Computer Society Student Chapter, which is the first and unique in Greece. It consists of 20 members from the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering , a number which is constantly increasing.

The purpose of the IEEE Computer Chapter (1st in Greece) is to create a team that deals with information technology (IT). More specifically we deal with:

1) Game development

2) Mobile applications development

3) Web development

Its role is to promote science and technology through the hosting of events including conferences seminars and workshops to inform and activate the academic audience. At the same time we create groups consisting of students, postgraduates and teachers trying to undertake research activities (projects), and implementing innovative ideas that can be transformed into products.

Through our activities we managed to attract the interest of large section of students and academics, whose numbers are increasing. Every year we set higher goals for the level of general technological interest seminars we organize.